Thursday, 21 August 2014

EME 2014

Early Sunday morning Dave, G4HUP, and I will be off to France via Weymouth and St Malo 
for the EME2014 conference, being held in Pleumeur Bodou, Brittany, on Monday and Tuesday next week.
Pleumeur Bodou is the site of the former French TransAtlantic satellite station and is credited with making the first successful TransAtlantic TV transmission with the USA. Goonhilly had previously failed due to a misunderstanding as to what defined the sense of circular polarisation to be used! I well remember Richard Dimbleby, on the BBC, sat waiting for the first pictures from the USA and seeing a terribly noisy picture, that was decidedly unusable. FranceTelecom got it right the following day. They weren't first, but were first with a good picture.........there, that will get me into trouble with our French hosts!

I am very much looking forward to the Conference. This will be my fifth EME Conference, the first being in Wurzburg, Germany, followed by Florence, Dallas and then Cambridge. It will be interesting to see where the next one will be. We will be voting for the next venue at Pleumeur Bodou. Venice is one of the known proposals for 2016

My presentation slides are now finished (apart from the usual final polishing that always takes place....) and they now contain new data on the performance of the Anglian 144MHz transverter. It has been interesting preparing the talk for a generally technically well-versed audience from across the globe.
I hope to use the same slides in my talk on the Anglian at the RSGB Convention in October.

Unfortunately, I have been inactive on EME for more than two years. I am currently looking at a smaller dish for use at 10GHz. It should be easier to steer onto the moon and will give me an opportunity to develop my 10GHz capability. Much of the 10Ghz gear is ready to go, but I have only just found a source of suitable dishes.

I hope to have more to say about 10GHz EME in due course.


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