Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Back from Friedrichshafen

All over!
A very enjoyable weekend in Germany spoiled only by the rain on Sunday.
It looked to me like there were more visitors to Friedrichshafen this year, compared to last. Hall A4 was completely full of traders, unlike last year when it was anything but full. Also this year Hall A5 was in use for a Maker faire event. I spent just a short while in A5, but enough to notice that it was nearly all about 3D printers! I was particularly fascinated by the Steam Punk exhibit with 'steam' TV and such like.......
No big purchases this year, but a number of smaller items were worth purchasing including SMA cables, crystal heaters and a rather nice transverter case for one of the new transverters.

I was invited to join the Spectrum Workshop run by G3PSM? This was in preparation for the 2015 world radio conference and in particular the IARU Region 1 preparations. Presentations included one on 70Mhz by G3SDL as well as Murray, G6JYB, on Galilleo and 23cm. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes into preparing for these conferences is amazing.

The LGBT ( look it up) boat on Saturday night was a bit of a disappointment due to the storm that came in over the lake. We ended up watching the lightning flashes over the lake whilst finishing off a rather nice bottle of German white wine. The boat didn't get back until about 5am.

The Sunday  journey back to Zurich by ferry and train was done in heavy rain that only really gave up once we reached the airport. But before that trip it was one last visit to the Messe to pick up any last minute bargains ( they were all gone!) and  then a visited to the Zeppelin Museum. This was my first visit to the museum and is a must if you go to Friedrichshafen. How come I hadn't visited before?
I was impressed by the large engines used in the Zeppelins, but I was even more impressed by the lightweight construction used in the airship design. Really impressive. No Zeppelins in the air during this visit!
I am already looking forward to next year.


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