Tuesday, 8 July 2014

10Ghz QSO

Had a 3cm QSO with G4BAO earlier this evening. There was some  evidence of some rain enhancement but if it was then it was forward scatter as the note was almost T9.

Whilst listening to John there were a few times where we both failed to entity when the other station went over. The old Piep tone, whilst deprecated by some other amateurs as being too CB like, does make it much easier to identify the end of an over when conditions are poor and there is lots of QSB. It can add a single pip or 'k' at the end of transmission.

I remembered I had a Roger Piep 77 unit, wired for my old ICOM IC275H, which hadn't been used for some years. I wondered if it would work with the ICOM 756 Pro3 that I am using to drive my Anglian 2m transverter and 3cm transverter? 

Yes, it does!

The Roger Piep 77 is now wired into the mic lead of the Pro3 to see if it really does help.

I note that the Roger Piep 77 is still available ( I think I bought mine at Weinheim, many years ago) from the manufacturer NF/HF Technik in Germany. Google on Roger Piep77 for details.


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