Friday, 20 June 2014


Getting bits ready to take to the Rutherford Appleton Labs (RAL) Microwave Round Table on Sunday. It clashes with our own local ESWR ( Ipswich) rally, but I had already made arrangements go to to RAL when the date of the ESWR was announced. So RAL it is.
I will be taking the usual VLNA preamps, PGA Amp kits, MAR6 kits as well as a selection of Kent's PCB antennas.
In addition to these usual items I am going to take a small batch of Nacton 4m transverter kits, Anglian 2m transverter kits and some PA/LPF short kits.
To round it off I will take some coaxial couplers, SS coax switches, and isolators. These are the remaining items from G4PBP's estate.
If anyone reading this is going on Sunday and wants me to reserve any of these items for them, please let me know. Several items are already reserved. He who hesitates loses..........

At this time next week I should be in Friedrichschafen with G4BAO, G4FSG, WA5VJB and G4CBA, French air traffic control strikers permitting! 
More about this next week.

73 de Sam

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