Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nacton transverters again

I have decided to launch the Nacton 4m transverter again.
I still have boards left over from the first two runs and enough tuneable coils to make it worth doing whilst we sort out the Anglian 4m transverter. This frees up Anglian boards to meet the demand for 144MHz transverters!
One difference will be that the Nacton short kits will be a little 'shorter' than the first batch, but in turn will be a bit cheaper!
There will be more info on my web page shortly.
I still have lots of both 4m and 2m PA/LPF short kits as well.
I have now heard a number of Nacton transverters on air and they sounded fine. That partly persuaded me to do the re-launch!


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