Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Getting ready for tomorrow. Flying (I hope) from Luton to Zurich and then train and ferry to Friedrichshafen. However, I am concerned about the delays on many European flights due to the actions of the French Air traffic controllers. It is amazing just how much European airspace is controlled by the French. Yesterday's Zurich flight arrived mid evening and would have caused us to miss the last ferry. Hopefully, it won't happen tomorrow as Easyjet wises-up to what flights, to where, will work and what won't.

There is a quite a large contingent going from East Anglian, using the Luton/Zurich/Romanshorn/Friedrichshafen route, so there is some scope to do car rental etc if flight delays cause us to miss the last train/ferry. I hope it doesn't come to that.

I am very much looking forward to seeing some of the new gear on show at FHM. And buying all those bits I don't really need, but do, because I can!

As usual, I will be donating a prize to the ARI EME Contest organisers. I am not really sure how this began, but it seems to have become a tradition.........this year I have decided to donate an Anglian 144MHz transverter kit. I hope it is appreciated.
I'll be at the QSL wall at 1pm local on Friday for the usual EME meet-up.


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