Saturday, 7 June 2014


Having reached my initial target of 200 locators on 6m I thought I would take a break for a few days and have another go at getting the 10GHz transverter system back on air.
What I didn't expect was that the DC feed that powers the 10GHz system at the top of the mast would take so much effort to bring it up to scratch. I have a Manson 13.5V PSU in the garage that is turned up to give +16V to mast head. The masthead 10GHz transverter has internal 11V and 12v  linear regulators, so I can allow for a small voltage drop at the maximum 8.3A that the transverter takes at 10W out.

When my etching tak was accidentally tipped over several months ago the enchant went everywhere, including on the PSU.....
Fortunately the damage was not too bad and only the thick DC leads and connections suffered significant damage.
I have now replaced the original connections with 50A PowerPole connectors. I don't need 50A. 10A is sufficient, but the thick mast-feeding wires (8mm audio cable) won't fit into the standard (30A) Powerpole connector receptacle.
I have also incorporated an in-line fuse holder with 10A mini blade ( auto) fuse. This should have been done long ago, but I relied on the short circuit protection inside PSU. Not good practice!
Another idea I have is to use one of G4HUP's High side switches to be able to turn the 16V on and off remotely with a simple logic level output from my remote USB 8 channel relay.

Finally, with the Powerpole connector, I can now disconnect the masthead system from the shack PSU when the are storms around.  Something I could only do previously with some effort!


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