Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Suffolk Show

I spent much of today at the Suffolk show on Trinity Park, Ipswich.
I was asked by Dave, G4HUP, if I was interested in joining the Leiston Amateur Radio Club in the BBC Radio Suffolk WW1 At Home corral to help run a Morse session for visiting children and their parents.
I was an honorary BBC Volunteer for the day!

I had the opportunity to check out the TV uplink van and ask questions about transmit powers (16W from a TWT capable of 400W output), which satellite they were using and something about the video coding in use. All very interesting.

Two Morse signalling stations were set up, a few metres apart, using just a pair of wires to connect them. The kids were invited to either send or receive short predetermined Morse messages (slogans) that were taken from WW1 posters.
There was a steady stream of participants from the time I arrived around 11am until we shut up for the night at 6pm.

I was surprised at the enthusiasm of some of the kids for the code. And some of the them were naturals when it came to sending. A short demonstration of timing used sending dashes and dots and they were almost timing-perfect.

During the day Dave was interviewed by a BBC Radio Suffolk presenter and Dave even persuaded him to have a go at sending code live on the radio. I bet that surprised a few listeners!
Dave also appeared briefingly on Look East TV this evening, supervising a few kids sending receiving code.

All together a very interesting day. And the rain held off all day. It sure didn't look like it was going to be dry first thing this morning.....


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