Friday, 9 May 2014

Cable tests

Recently I was pleased to be given some N crimp connectors for my LMR400 cable. However, my every attempt to obtain a suitable crimping tool had met with a lack of success. I know they are advertised on EBay, but even this proved a non-starter. I have now found one at the right price through my Chinese connector supplier and the price is excellent. But it won't be here until next week at earliest.
Bernie, G4HJW, came to my rescue by loaning me his crimping tool.
I replaced one of the existing N connectors on a length of LMR400 I had removed from the mast duct last month. With the troublesome connectors replaced with what at first sight seem to be low cost N crimp connectors, my measurements of loss and return loss using my HP5753C network analyser are within a fraction of a dB of Time's figures for LMR400 at various frequencies between 50MHz and 2.4GHz. I feel more confident of putting that cable back into use now.


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