Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dispensing solder paste

At long last I got round to firing up the air(brush) compressor and paste controller in order to use the controlled cartridge solder paste dispenser. Once I'd set everything up I was able to manually dispense spots of solder paste onto the victim PCB. Much easier on the thumb than using a manual syringe.
The components were then manually placed onto the paste spots and after checking everything was in the right place, the PCB was placed in the toaster oven and 'solder' pressed on the reflow soldering controller. 12minutes later and the board was perfectly soldered.
It doesn't make sense to reflow solder simple little boards unless there are lots of them or they use some awkward part like a QFN or DFN package.
The intention is that I will make VLNA and transverter boards available, ready assembled.

Dave, G4HUP, will be demonstrating reflow soldering at the up-coming Martlesham Microwave Round Table (MMRT) www.microwavers.org and follow the events link. 
There may even be a chance to have a go at reflow soldering for yourself!


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