Wednesday, 9 April 2014


As a result of the future of 2.3 and 3.4GHz OFCOM document that appeared yesterday I thought it might be useful to see whether I needed to be concerned about interference levels to the MOD equipment at Boscombe Down. The other MOD sites are significantly further away from this QTH as not to be a problem at almost any time.
I have been running the numbers for potential interference levels at Boscombe Down on 2.3GHz  from this location. Using the G0MJW software and the simplified path model ( no terrain data) it would appear that my 100W at the feed point and 20dBi antenna ( possibly 22dBi) gives around 6dB margin over what would be required. These numbers are for a 10% exceed.
The overall loss is 205dB, dominated by tropo scatter with diffraction and refraction both being significantly higher.
The G3YGF plots in Vol 1 of the RSGB Microwave Handbook confirm these losses.
It looks like I can operate without being too concerned that I am causing interference to the MOD down in BD!


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  1. Boscombe Down is a very long way away from your QTH. Surprised you have ANY issues.