Thursday, 6 March 2014

On closer inspection the gnawed cable probably happened a while ago and I missed it as it was right on the opening of the duct. The exposed copper inner has already started to go green, indicating it happened a while ago.

I've pulled that cable and cut out the gnawed section. It is surprisingly free of signs of water ingress more than a few cm either side of the damage.

I have decided to re-terminate a shorter section of this Ecoflex 10 cable and connect it to the spare FSJ4-50 still in the duct. The rodents seem less interested in that type of cable!

Tomorrow I hope to finish this last stage of the cable rationalisation and become QRV on 23cm again. I've also decided to use the 23cm coaxes for 13cm saw well. More in this in another blog.

The Anglian transverter PCBs have arrived, as have the PCBs for the small Mitsubishi modules for 4m and 2m. I now need to complete the documentation for these boards before making them available.


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