Sunday, 9 February 2014

Reflow soldering

After my initial experience using a loaned reflow solder system I have now placed my order for one of the Beta reflow systems. Now to wait a few days for it to arrive.......

Having played with the loaned system I am totally convinced this is the way forward. Although it may never be economic for assembling the odd prototype board, many of the interesting chips becoming available cannot be effectively hand soldered. e.g. those chips with a ground pad underneath the chip such as many of the newer PA chips, power detectors, some synthesisers etc.
It also may allow me to offer assembled VLNA and transverter boards. The 'builder' still needs to put it in a box and make other connections, but for those people who cannot handle 0603 or even 0805 size SMD parts there may now be another way!

More info in due course.


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  1. Sam, I think the biggest problem is sourcing the components for a one off project. Not many people want to buy a pack of 100x 0805 resistors or capacitors and then have hundreds of unwanted smd components lying around. I think the best way forward is to supply all the components for a kit bar the box. Coaxial cables like RG174 may be another problem for some.