Saturday, 15 February 2014

New soldering reflow system

My reflow oven and air compressor turned up during the week. Yesterday the dispenser controller also turned up.
Unable to curtail my enthusiasm I installed the oven this afternoon and connected up the Beta reflow controller. After a few initial hitches I had the controller 'learn' the oven characteristics.
It was then a straightforward job to manually apply the leaded solder paste to one of my VLNA boards. The air compressor and dispenser controller are not yet hooked up.
It was relatively easy to position the small 0603 size parts onto the PCB with the plastic(ish) tipped tweezers.
The board was then carefully placed into the centre of the oven, next to the identical board carrying the K type thermocouple.
The oven was then connected up, turned on and the 'solder' button on the controlled pressed.
10-12 minutes or so later I had a beautifully reflow soldered PCB.
Now to get the air compressor connected up so that I can apply the paste just by pressing the foot switch..........


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