Tuesday, 18 February 2014

End of an era?

Since my neighbour erected an eight foot wall along the edge of our properties I have lost my westerly moon window. I had decided to move the dish and mount to the bottom of the garden where the take off to both east and westerly moonrise/set is much improved.
Taking advantage of the good weather today I managed to dismantle the dish from the mount and start to take the 4 foot square pallet mount apart. After more than ten years the bolts were all easy to undo thanks to my foresight of regularly greasing all bolts and the effectiveness of the galvanising on the large pallet bolts.

A lean-to greenhouse will be fitted against the wall in order to take advantage of the early-morning sun trap.
The big disadvantage of this move is the much longer cable runs that will be needed. I'll probably need to fit a cabinet near to the new dish location. The amplifiers will be located in the cabinets hen they are required.


Location:Falkenham Road,Ipswich,United Kingdom


  1. I have seen you sign STJ but never SM!

  2. I often miss the a when using the iPad and have to go back and correct it!