Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Lunch in Framlingham today. We were celebrating two birthdays.
G3LQR became an octogenarian at the weekend and G4HUP is now officially one of the grey haired Anglian brigade!
We were joined by Peter, G3LTF and his XYL as well as G4HUP's XYL and Graham, G4FSG.
It was a meeting to reminisce, talk about EME and our future plans. The raging storm outside the Railway Inn in Fram. reminded us all about the problems of weatherproofing our external radio equipment and how to stop large EME dishes getting damaged.
Happy Birthday to both Simon and Dave!

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  1. Hi Sam, it was also my birthday on 12/02. Spent most of the day trying to stop my dish being destroyed by the wind... so far so good

  2. I hope it did survive, Howard?

  3. Yes I thinks so Sam. I tilted the tower over and rested the azimuth shaft on some hastily erected scaffolding. Had to make some changes later (in the wind and rain) as the scaffolding was sinking into the grass. Need to come up with something better to support the top end of the tower and stop the dish form hammering the az & el drives as the wind pushes the dish.