Monday, 17 February 2014

A turn-up for the books!

After loaning a soldering reflow oven to see if I liked this technique ( and deciding I did) I bought my own Beta Reflow oven and controller, as previously blogged.

The person who kindly loaned me his system has now borrowed my Beta Reflow system to see if he can get better results with a batch of boards he has to produce!

There is little doubt that the controller makes life easy compared with the previous manual control method and the oven supplied by BR seems to produce a much better quality of reflow.

A couple of days ago I connected up the various air tubes to my new air compressor and dispenser controller and tried it all out ( without solder paste). It seems to work well so the plans are now to try producing a re flowed Nacton transverter board. That will be some test!

Today I ordered the PCBs for the Nacton 7W PA module. They should be here by the end of next week. Next I have to order the new transverter PCBs. The new transverter has been named the 'Anglian' to avoid confusion with the old board design.


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