Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I recently ordered a ZLPLL from Wayne, ZL2BKC, in New Zealand.
This is a ADF4351 based source board, capable of generating a signal between 31 and 4400MHz from an on-board 26MHz OCXO or external 10MHz reference. Wayne supplies a detailed manual for the ZLPLL, in PDF format, on his web page. ZL2BKC.com

The ZLPLL turned up, safely, in this morning's post.

I wanted the ZLPLL to use with my 144MHz Nacton transverter, to be used where carrier stability was important, such as with digital modes like JT65B and when onward transverting to the microwave bands, where the LO of the transverter would also be locked to the shack 10MHz standard (GPS or Rubidium). This ZLPLL has already been programmed for me to give a (switchable) 116 or 115MHz output.

The Nacton 2m has provision for an external 116MHz input, if required.
On initial inspection the ZLPLL looks excellent.

I will probably give it a proper set of tests ( especially to check if it meets my phase noise needs) after this coming weekend's Heelweg trip is over. Right now I'm still getting things ready to take to the meeting.

My thanks to Wayne for his prompt attention to my order and congratulations on a fine piece of kit.


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