Thursday, 9 January 2014

K3 update

Last May, at the Dayton Hamfest I bought a few 'accessories' for my K3. I was keen to try the bigger screen available by adding an SVGAP3 adapter to my P3. This meant updating the K3 +12v output via the switchable phono socket on the back of the rig. The parts to do this ( updated polyfuse and bigger choke) were provided with the SVGAP3 card. However, I had not got round to fitting these parts as I still hadn't ( still haven't!) fitted the SVGAP3 card inside the P3. There is a good reason for this, but I won't bore you with it now. That's for another blog.
Last week I received a PR6-10 preamp to increase the sensitivity of the K3 on these two bands. This preamp is also powered from the same +12v output as the P3 and whilst there was probably enough to power these two items, I wanted to add the SVGAP3 card soon, so decided to do the mod to the +12v supply.
This turned out to be a bit more involved than I expected, necessitating removing the top and bottom covers and the 100W PA. After that it was quite straightforward!
Whilst I had the covers off I thought I would fit the other accessory I'd bought at Dayton. The general coverage BPF. Again, more dismantling. The KBPF3 fits on top of the K3 ham band filter bank, but it necessitates removing the internal 2m transverter.
With the transverter removed the KBPF3 fitted easily.

With everything back together it all seemed to work OK, so the next job is to fit the SVGAP3 card in the P3 and see it it works as it should.

More about the preamp and results as well as how the SVGA
3 works in a later blog when I've had a chance to test the preamp and fitted the P3 card.


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  1. I fitted a SVGA card to my P3 shortly after they were available. When I was last /P on 2m (for a contest using my K3/P3 and XV144) it was rather fun to look at the beacon section of the band whilst rotating the antenna system (4 x 13 ele Yagi) and watching the beacons pop up without having to touch the VFO.
    73 & HNY de GM4ZUK