Monday, 20 January 2014

Heelweg 2014

I have just arrived home from the Harwich/Hoek van Holland ferry and want to pass on my thanks to the organisers of the Dutch Heelweg microwave meeting.

It was a most enjoyable meeting, with lots going on and many European EME ops in attendance to chat to and make plans.

What makes this meeting so special is that it is all about practical things. Lots of measurement bays to get all manner of items tested and lots of small ' traders' selling all manner of VHF and microwave gear. Being part of the Cafe VOS, food and drink was available all day. Great! And the after-meeting Chinese meal in nearby Varsseveld sees more tables occupied each year. This is a celebration of all things amateur VHF/UHF and microwave radio.

My thanks to the organisers, to Hans and Ruud for looking after us on Sunday and not least to my travel companions, Dave and John.



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