Thursday, 2 January 2014


I'm not sure how I missed Dayton off my list of events attended last year!

This was far more a social event for me than one where I go to buy a rig or accessories. Having said that I did buy some bits for my Elecraft K3 inc. an SVGA card for the P3 display and the general coverage filter card.
To add to that I have a 10/6m preamp somewhere in transit from the USA, as a Christmas present to myself. Where oh where is it?!!!!!!!!!according to USPS it reached the UK on the 27th December, so maybe tomorrow.

I spent some time with Lloyd, NE8I, at Dayton. Lloyd was taken seriously Ill shortly after he got back home to Michigan. I'm pleased I did spend that time with him as he is unlikely to attend Dayton again, anytime soon. Get well, Lloyd.

I did blog about my Dayton trip in an earlier blog on here, if you really want to read more! Really?.........


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  1. You are only upset about the preamp for 6-10m not arriving because Graham already has his!