Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Back to the Nacton

I have spent much of the last few days, after returning from Heelweg, making measurements on Nacton 2m transverters. John, G4SWX, has identified some problems with the original filter designs and advised on some improvements. These in turn showed up some other areas for improvement including the diode switch in the receive path between the RF front end and the band pass filter. It looks like new switching diodes are in order!

Initial measurements with the new filters and an alternative PIN diode show a big improvement in dynamic range.

John has also provided some new and possibly better post mixer amplifier devices. I will be trying one of these devices over the next few days, together with some other changes.

IF all this works, as it should, then the result could be an outstanding performance from a small, low cost, 144/28MHz transverter.

One further item of news. The scaffolding, that has prevented my use of the 2.3m dish, has been removed as next door's extension comes towards completion. At last I can get back on 23cm EME. Weather permitting of course.......!


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  1. Hi Sam
    That's good news on the transverter. It will allow me to use my flex1500 as a 2M IF for my 3cm and 23cm transverters, once I have moved house. The waiting is getting me down....hi