Sunday, 5 January 2014

70cm Nacton trials

I have been spending a bit of time looking at the possibilities of putting the Nacton transverter on 70cm. The first problem to solve is the local oscillator. Using a 101MHz crystal removed from an old MM receive converter I'm pleased to say that I can achieve at least +13dBm on 404MHz, which is encouraging. I need to add a bit more filtering as 202MHz is only about 13dB down. Also 606MHz is a bit higher than I would like.
I am playing with extra filtering to clean up the LO spectrum.

Next will come the RF band pass filter. Can I achieve a good enough filter at 432MHz within the filter space constraints of the existing board? I think so, but it may involve a few PCB 'hacks'.

Even if the results are successful, I don't think that I will make a 432MHz 'Nacton' available, but I'll publish my results on my web page for anyone who feels like having a go. This all assumes I can get it to work to my satisfaction! If I can achieve a better performance than my TS2000 does on 432Mhz, I will be happy.........

I won't be giving any priority to this work, so don't expect results any time soon. The new PCB design for the Nacton comes first. 432MHz is just an idea at present.

73 de Sam

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  1. Hi Sam, How far is the 2m to 10m transverter away ?

  2. Still several weeks, John

  3. Ok Sam,
    Just waiting for some components to come from ebay so that I can finish off the 70Mhz transverter.