Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Catch up

I have had a few weeks break from my blog. I was unable to blog whilst on holiday and got out of the habit!

Since getting back I have distributed quite a few of the 4m band Nacton transverter short kits, but I've now got back to testing the 2m version ( 144MHz RF to 28MHz IF).

Today I tested this version and it seems to be living up to expectations. The noise figure is less (better) than the 4m version and gain is slightly better ( expected because of the performance of the RF front end MMIC).
I have made a few small changes to the circuit to improve performance and these will probably be reflected back into the 4m version.

I have arranged for a couple of 2m versions of the Nacton to be built up by some of my friends in order to test their reproducibility.

If this further testing goes well I will make kits available, as for the 4m version. I haven't decided how much of the kit will be available and how much you will need to source yourself.

G4FRE is currently testing a 472kHz version of the Nacton. It uses the same PCB as the VHF transverters, but a few different components and lots of different values........

BTW, the name Nacton is taken from the local village near to where the Codgers radio group hold our monthly Saturday breakfast meeting.
Just in case you wondered!


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