Tuesday, 31 December 2013

And a Happy New Year

With the new year in prospect, and indeed already here in much of the world, I thought I would wind up the blog for 2013 with a few of my radio highlights.

As every year, the Heelweg meeting in January provides a strong focus in the immediate post New Year. Last year we took a car over for the first time so that we (G4HUP, G4BAO and myself) could visit Dwingaloo after the Saturday meeting. This we did, but the heavy snow showers made for an interesting drive back to the Hook!

We are taking a car over again in 2014 because it is so much more convenient.
I will take some 4m transverter kits as well as the usual PGA Amps and VLNA preamps. And some of Kent's PCB antennas, all to sell.

Sadly, shortly afterward we returned we lost my good friend Russ, G4PBP, to cancer.
I was honoured to be asked to do a Eulogy for Russ.
Later I was asked if I would be able to help dispose of much of his precious amateur microwave gear. I am pleased to say that we raised well over £2000 for the hospice where he spent his last few weeks.
He will be missed..........a fine gentleman and radio amateur that I am proud to say was my friend.

Next up was the Martlesham Microwave Roundtable. That was a very enjoyable event and I had the pleasure of hosting WA5VJB once again.

I attended my first RSGB AGM at Savoy Place in London. There I received the 1962 VHF Committee Cup for my work on the VLNA preamplifiers. Thank you RSGB.

June, and it was the Friedrichschafen Ham Radio Meeting with the usual trip over by train, boat and plane, but not in that order!

In September I attended the National Hamvention at Newark and took my place on the PSC stand, answering ( trying to answer....) questions from visitors. That was followed in October by the RSGB Convention at Horwood House. I did both stand duty on the UK Microwave group stand as well as doing a talk where I introduced my new 4m transverter design ( since released as a kit).

I gave up writing the RSGB Radcom 'GHz Bands' column at the end 2012. To keep my hand in I wrote the 'Getting Started in HF construction ( using SMT)' article in the January 2014 issue of Radcom and have been busy writing another 'getting started' article, jointly with G4BAO, for a later issue of Radcom.

2013 was a busy amateur radio year for me. Roll on 2014.

Happy New Year everyone


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