Monday, 16 December 2013

A bit more on 3cm

It seems at least two people read this blog!
Thank you. It encourages me to write more.

I was able to do more testing of the power supply regulators in the 10GHz transverter today. I'm pleased to report that the +11v and -9v both came up immediately and the failsafe close down of the high current 11V worked as it should when I removed the -9v
Unfortunately the transverter was missing the original Bulgin Buccineer power lead and connector, but I was able to bodge a working connector from an old rotator lead and in-line connector that had a similar Buccaneer connector. The catch was that this was the wrong polarity, but with a bit more bodging I was able to get something workable!

I heard today that the NoV has now been released for the new Clacton 3cm beacon, GB3PKT. I'm looking forward to hearing the new beacon in the next few weeks. It's location, overlooking the North Sea, promises to be superb for
observing super refraction. Maybe we will get more insight into the theory about vertical discontinuity back scattering of signals near to the estuaries of major rivers. GB3MHX has not provided too much information about this phenomenon. Possibly due to its inland location and distance from the Thames estuary. Clacton may be better located.


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  1. Sam, Once I get moved to a new qth, I am back on uWaves big time. Yes, we do read it but not everyone says so..hi


  2. Quite a lot more than two, Sam!

    Merry Christmas.

    Vy 73, Tim G4VXE