Sunday, 15 December 2013

10Ghz update

Taking a break from my 4m and 2m transverter kit work I thought that I would see what I could do with my 10GHz transverter system, having been goaded into doing something by G4BAO's constant prodding!!!

I have not been QRV on 10GHz for over a year and had actually sold my original 10W transverter in lieu of using a smaller and marginally lighter 8W transverter that I had obtained in the meantime. Unfortunately the DB6NT PA in that transverter had 'expired' and I didn't particularly want to replace the 8W FET as the cost was felt to be a bit excessive.

After putting the transverter on one side for the summer I recently started to think about 10GHz again, with more goading by John.

A few weeks ago I inquired about my old transverter and was delighted to find that I could buy it back from its new owner as it didn't meet their needs for various reasons.

Today I took a look at what needed to be done to restore the transverter to full working condition. Although it had been pretty badly 'mauled' it looks like it can be restored to working condition. In particular the original DB6NT G2 transverter module had suffered from low transmit output. With the 'new' transverter module out of the defunct 8W transverter it should be possible to get back to a full 10W output.

I managed to find the original 10GHz transverter paperwork ( written exactly 11 years ago today!) and I think that I can work from that to get it all working again. It looks like I have a Christmas project.

If all goes well I hope to report on further progress on the 10GHz in the next few weeks.


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