Sunday, 13 October 2013

RSGB Convention

Well, what a great weekend.
In spite of heavy rain and roads closed due to accidents I made it to Horwood House on Saturday, albeit 30 minutes later than I had planned!
I spent a lot of time on Saturday helping answer questions on the UKuG stand, as I waited to give my talk at the end of the day. This was scheduled for 17:00 , so I had a long wait.
However, I had also entered the construction contest and so took my entry along to the viewing and judging room at 12:00.
There I met several of the other entrants and we were able to chat whilst we set up our entries for the judges to inspect. Exhibiting included providing a technical file with a technical description and plots etc. This had taken me much of last week to prepare.
Anyway, to cut a longer story short, in the designer section the winning entry was a very nice radio that will appear in an article in Radcom. My own entry of the 4m transverter won a highly recommended and a small prize presented to me by Eben Upton, Chairman of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Later, when I gave my talk on the transverter, the Raleigh room was full to overflowing and it was standing room only!
To be fair, it was a small room, and my friends G4SWX and G4HUP also had the room full to overflowing for their talks.
If I had any doubts about the likely level of interest in the transverter, they were laid to rest my the response I got to the design.
There is lots more to report, but it will have to wait for another blog, later in the week.

73 de Sam

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