Saturday, 21 September 2013

Web page update

This morning I updated my main web page to reflect some changes to the status of my preamp kits.

I took the opportunity to update the VLNA PDF to include some important changes to the VLNA70 as well as including the changes required to the VLNA23 to cover 1420MHz (VLNA21).
I have also ordered a small batch of PCBs for the new 'Nacton' 4m transverter. I will be talking about the Nacton at the forthcoming RSGB convention.
For anyone coming to the Newark Fleamarket next weekend, I will be on The DX Shop stand part of the time and the RSGB PSC stand part of the time. I'm not sure I'm going to get to look around the flea market!
I plan to have the early prototype of the Nacton with me at Newark. I may also have another prototype of the final PCB with me. If you want to ask me about the Nacton please do so.
73 de Sam
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