Monday, 30 September 2013


I went to Newark on Friday.
A very enjoyable day out. I had volunteered to spend some of the day on the RSGB PSC stand although I was also able to spend a little time with Roger Banks on The DX Shop stand. There seemed to be a lot of interest in his new Gemini 4 70MHz PA and Roger was kept busy answering questions about the new 300W solid state power amplifier. Roger had a few of my built VLNA low noise preamps for sale on the stand, hence my interest.
Back on the PSC stand there was a steady flow of visitors. The PSC stand was in the block of stands allocated to the RSGB and was just across the way from the main RSGB stand. This obviously had its benefits as we were able to direct some of our visitors across to the main stand in order to re-new subscriptions, buy books or just meet members of the RSGB board.
Steve, G0KYA, is the Chairman of PSC. He had set up the PSC stand the previous day and it featured a number of photos, diagrams and a laptop running a slide show. Of particular interest was the plot of sun activity through this cycle. Steve didn't think we had reached the peak of this cycle just yet as the sun's magnetic field didn't seem to have flipped.
My only purchase of the day was a Cross Country Wireless SDR4+
This was purchased as a lowish cost way to produce a panoramic display on my TS2000. As the SDR4 frequency coverage has been increased to 4m it is now also capable of covering the first IF of the TS2000.
I struggled through Saturday to get it to work on my W7PRo desktop, but without success. I couldn't get the Si570 tuning to work.
On Sunday I tried again, but the installation was now onto my W7pro laptop. This time I was successful, but then I found the SDR-Radio software wouldn't apparently work at 70MHz!
I've put the SDR on one side for now and turned my attention back to preparations for the RSGB Convention in 12 days time.
I'm expecting a batch of PCBs this week. When I have these I will build one up to produce a 4m transverter to prove the PCB and to give me another version of the Nacton to photograph for the Convention!
73 de Sam
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