Monday, 30 September 2013

And so to 70cm

With all the emphasis I have been putting on 4m recently I began to think that I ought to do something about the higher bands, especially with the IARU 432MHz and up contest this coming weekend. 432MHz is essential for this contest. I will probably also have 23cm available.

Late this afternoon I took down my 9 element 2m yagi and put my 21 element 70cm yagi back up in its place, at the very top of the mast.

It is many years since I had a masthead preamp on 70cm, so this was a definite requirement, especially with the long coax feed I now use.

Last week I discovered one of my 'reject' 23cm preamps. This one had failed to respond to my efforts to stabilise it. So I changed it to a VLNA70 and installed it in one of my interchangeable masthead preamp cases. I should add that having changed it to 70cm it was completely stable!!!! It was probably a faulty component that I had completely failed to find.

With the 21element Wimo on the mast I was delighted to hear and positively identify not only PI7CIS (JO22) but also HB9F (JN36) and F5ZHG (JO10)

At the moment I am unable to transmit, but I plan to implement the simple interface between my remote ( indoor shack) and main (outdoor shack) to enable PTT over the long control cable between the two. Maybe tomorrow.

73 de Sam

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