Sunday, 22 September 2013

4m again

I operated for an hour or so in the PW 4m contest this afternoon. I was rather surprised when several stations said 'thanks for the new multiplier!'
Was I the only JO02 station on 4m today? Apparently not. There was at least one more station on from somewhere north of me. I didn't hear them.

I used my original Nacton 4m transverter with the K3 and the external SSPA at about 100W output to my 5 element dual band 6/4m YU7EF yagi.
The only propagation I observed was tropo, so ranges weren't so great and there was lots of the usual slow QSB. My best DX was probably Tony, GW8ASD, who I usually work on the microwave bands and who is usually many dB stronger on 23cm than he was on 4m today,
As always, I found the waterfall and spectrum display on my P3 to be invaluable for spotting activity and knowing where to tune without the hassle of having to tune up and down the band.
73 de Sam
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  1. Sri we did not work U, but from JO02 we worked G0BPU

    73 and cu next time !

    de ON7EQ/P