Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Remote operation of the shack - update

Several weeks ago I decided to buy an 8 channel ( relay) USB card to plug into my shack PC. This PC is usually left on and by using LogMeIn I can already access my rotator controller and log book, both on this PC, from my indoor shack laptop. Now with the USB relay card I can remotely switch up to 8 circuits on and off, with full isolation.

My current plan is to switch one of my remote linear amplifiers on and off line and to switch one of my antennas to the common feeders. The other channel uses are still being decided.

Although I bought the card several weeks ago it was only last night that I got round to downloading the control application and trying it out. It requires a USB connection to the PC and 12V to power he card. 24V versions are also available as are cards with more channels.

I purchased the Bulgarian made Denkovi card from EBay at $41
With these cards you are permitted to download and use their own DRM (Denkovi Relay Manager) v2.0 control application to switch the eight channels on or off. The state of the relay is then signalled back to the GUI. The name of the control channel can be labelled to reflect the controlled function.

How does it work? I haven't connected the card to the linear or coax relay yet, but I have had fun remotely turning LEDs on and off! It has been extremely reliable so far.

Channels 2, 4, 6 and 8 all turned on.


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  2. to remotely control the relays in my station i used the 4 relay version of KMTronic ethernet board on ebay. com. With a wnce2001 accesspoint i can control it from anywhere on the property without wires