Monday, 15 July 2013


I have not had too much of a chance to play radio in the last two weeks due to decorating. However, I did get to visit the Finningley Microwave Round Table on Sunday 15th. This is an annual event staged at the Finningley radio club site at the old RAF Finningley site.
It is actually a two-day meeting but since I prefer not to stay overnight I usually only get there on the Sunday. This year it was my turn to drive the 400 mile round trip with a 06:15 start from home and returning at 21:30. A long day for me!
I attended several of the talks and also set up to sell some of my low noise preamps as well as sell some of the remaining parts from the estate of G4PBP.
Overall, I about covered costs, but that was secondary to being there.
My only purchases of the day were a couple of 144-160MHz high power Alcatel (350W average, 2kW peak) circulators for £7 for the pair !

I also purchased a couple of old Aerial Facilities Ltd hybrid couplers for the milled boxes and connectors. These will be stripped out and then turned into diplexers( maybe triplexers) to enable me to combine and then split two radios onto one cable passing through the shack wall and then to split them again to feed an HF antenna and a dual band 2m/70cm antenna.

Don't forget to answer the 9 OFCOM questions on the 13 and 9cm consultation web page!


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