Saturday, 27 July 2013


Today was 'Last Saturday' so the Codgers had their monthly breakfast get together at the Orwell Crossing Truck Stop. We had a good turnout, once again, with around 35 in attendance. This monthly meeting was started some 6 1/2 years ago and has continued to be very popular with East Anglian radio amateurs. It is very much an eclectic group, with interests varying from LF through propagation, microwave and optical comms.
A large number of very well known and respected radio amateurs are members of the Codgers group.

Codgers is not a radio club. It is just an informal group of radio amateurs and radio interested persons.
If you are in the area on the last Saturday of any month, please join us at 10:00am at the Truck Stop. You will be very welcome.

After the Last Saturday Braekfast I joined the Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society at nearby Foxhall Road, for a few hours, to take my turn at operating G100RSGB. At 00:00GMT the G100RSGB call sign will be passed on to the next group to hold it for two days.

Meanwhile Felixstowe club will continue tomorrow with a GB call sign at the Foxhall road site. This is an old Cold War troposcatter station with three tall towers which once proudly sported dishes and a flyswatter reflector.

Disused since about 1992, when the USAF moved out, it is now a museum and hosts regular open days.

The radio club has used the site regularly for a number of years and as it is in the middle of nowhere it is possible to run relatively high power on HF without fear of causing interference to anyone.

The warm weather today meant a good turn out both from the public visiting the Comms site museum and other attractions, and popping in to see the radio club and what we were doing with all that wire in the air.....

The radios include K3 with linear, FT857, IC718 and some other radio that I forgot to note!
The antennas include a G5RV, 3 element triband yagi, some sort of HF vertical and yagis for 6,4,2 and 70cm

A very enjoyable few hours......
73 de Sam

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