Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Off to Friedrichschafen

Getting ready to go to Friedrichschafen in the morning.
Bags packed, together with camera, mobile phone, handheld radio (for keeping in touch with the Camb Hams group), chargers, mains adapters, some pre-ordered preamps and the essential passport, boarding card, currency and credit card! And mobile phone numbers to contact those I need to.
I now have a small number of items on my shopping list. I thought I had everything I needed......
The weather in FHN doesn't look so good this year.
More when I get back.

Added several new squares to the six metre band total this evening after just band noise most of the day except for the odd meteor ping on 50.150MHz
That's 30 new squares in the last month. Still a long, long, way to go to even get onto the bottom step of the squares ladder.
73 de Sam
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