Thursday, 6 June 2013

Getting ready for RAL

I have been busy getting stuff ready to take to the RAL ( Rutherford Appleton Labs) Microwave Round Table on Sunday.

I was asked to help dispose of a lot of microwave related items belonging to my late friend Russ, G4PBP/G8BHH. The main disposal is being handled by a mutual friend, but he felt that he didn't have enough experience in microwaves to be able to set realistic sale prices. He and Russ' widow asked if I could help. All proceeds from the sale will be going to the hospice where Russ spent his last few weeks.

I'm pleased to say that almost all the larger items have been spoken for, leaving a large number of smaller items ( connectors, adapters, cables, mixers, wave meters, loads etc) to be sold. Some of these items have already been sold when I attended a meeting in Cambridge. However, there is still a lot to go and I've priced it ( with agreement) to sell as the shack must be cleared!


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