Saturday, 22 June 2013

ESWR Ipswich rally

Tomorrow, 23 June, is the day of the Ipswich rally. This is now held in the car park of the Orwell Crossing Truck Stop, just off the east bound carriageway of the A12/A14 between junctions 57 and 58.
This 'new venue' has allowed us to expand the rally without incurring prohibitive extra costs. And the venue has a restaurant and bar! Some of us will be in early to get a good cooked breakfast before we start the day.
I will be manning the UKuG stand in the car park where the CambHams will be in attendance with Flossie, their purpose built radio vehicle.
I'll be bringing some microwave equipment for show and be there to answer technical questions as one of the volunteer tech helpers for the Group. As I am also one of the moderators for the RSGB 'Litmus test' consultation, I may be able to answer some of your questions and may be able to offer some advice on your response to OFCOM. This is a very important consultation so don't miss your opportunity to contribute. The very future of the higher amateur bands is at risk and the implications for the VHF and HF bands is obvious. We are now very much into a world where we need to justify our very existence and where amateur radio privileges could be withdrawn if policing the amateur radio service is felt by OFCOM to be unjustified or too expensive. We will need to up our act.
The recent few weeks have seen me fill my shack with equipment for disposal, both from the shack of my late friend Russ and then from a lab clearance. Just about all of Russ' stuff has now been moved on to new and deserving homes and a very good amount of money raised for the hospice in Wolverhampton.
Just this last week I was asked if I would help clear some 'older' microwave and general radio/test equipment 'stuff' from a university lab that was closing. None of this was to be sold, but rather re-homed as donations instead of going to the scrap merchants.
I have kept a couple of the uni items for myself including a couple of Marconi Sanders X band horn antennas and an old bench DVM.
As a result the pile of 'extras' in my shack has considerably reduced in the last few days and I can actually get in there now. The extra space has meant that I have been able to finish the new 4m band transverter. I will take this to the ESWR tomorrow and may be able to show it on the UKuG stand ( well it could be an IF converter.....)
Just to show that it's not all moving equipment around I have managed to pick up several new squares on 6m in the last few days and using the new 4m transverter I have worked around half a dozen stations on the band in the few spare moments I had available for operating.

The new 4m transverter.
After the ESWR is over it is back to preparing for Friedrichschafen.
At least one person has asked me how I am getting to Friedrichschafen. I will be taking the same route as last year. That is, fly to Zurich, Intercity train to Romanshorn and ferry across the Bodensee to Friedrichschafen. This is possibly the easiest way to get there from the UK and used by many other UK amateurs.
73 de Sam
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