Monday, 13 May 2013

Solar PV panel noise

After several false starts we had our solar panels fitted today.
Initial results, on a day with mixed sunshine and showers, showed the potential ( pardon the pun) to really make some savings in our electricity consumption. The nine Sunpower panels fit nicely into the space between our loft Velux windows.
With a Fronius inverter there has been no sign of any untoward noise increase on the bands that I have checked (40m and 4m). This inverter came highly recommended as having good noise suppression characteristics.
I am now getting ready to travel to the Dayton Hamvention later this week. After a three year absence I am quite looking forward to the visit. I have already paid for my Friday evening 'weak signal banquet' dinner ticket. This has been an excellent event each of the previous seven years I have attended.
For VHF and up enthusiasts this is the dinner you just have to go to!
Saturday evening and it's dinner with members of the Mount Greylock Expeditionary (contest) Group in downtown Dayton.
And just to kick it all off, if my inbound flight on Thursday is not delayed, I will be going direct from Dayton airport to join the SE VHF group for dinner, also in downtown Dayton. All this and the Hamvention as well!
All being well I plan to write-up my Dayton trip, on here, when I return.
Today, I connected my homebrew 4m transverter to the K3 and through the previously described 'remote' system to the outside shack and then via the combined PA and preamp box to the YU7EF 5 element beam. This was primarily to check the noise from the PV panels but was also an opportunity to check how well the receive system works since I hadn't used it over such a long cable before. The answer is that it works well on receive.
In order to transmit I still need a method to assert transmit over the coax. I hope to do that tomorrow. And build a few preamps to take to Dayton with me.

View of the 4m transverter above the K3
73 de Sam
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