Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dayton part 2

Saturday morning we departed from the Uni about 06:30. It was overcast with 50% rain in the forecast.
After the usual stop for breakfast we arrived early enough to beat the flea market trader queues. Kent parked the van and set off for his usual early tour of the flea market. This is often when the bargains are found, there are few 'punters' around to compete with, and the other traders have time to talk.
I helped Rich set up his two gazebos and tables. Still no sign of Kent so I decided to set up our own gazebo and get the table out. As we were joined by Lloyd, NE8I, we were able to use several of his more substantial tables. It was a good job we did.
Then the rain came.......... Several hours of heavy rain meant we had to move everything under cover and even put some stuff back into the van to keep it dry. All the while we sheltered under the gazebos, progressively moving towards the centre to avoid the run-off from the gazebo roof.

Eventually the rain stopped, the sun came out and everything dried off. Several traders had already decided to leave early, but there wasn't a mass exodus.
Trade picked up, but we were able to take it in turns to leave the booth and wander the market or the halls. During this time I purchased the spares for my damaged K3 and an SVGA board for the P3 from the Elecraft stand.
I also continued my search for remote operation products and found several new ones that have either recently hit the market, or are about to.
One of the recent additions to the market was the Remoteshack unit and I watched a demo showing access to a TS2000 from a cellphone and listened carefully to glimpse what might be coming.

At 5pm we packed up and Kent went off to a business meeting whilst Zack, W9SZ, kindly drove me to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner with the Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force (MGEF) consisting of Brian, WA1ZMS; Dick, WA2AAU; Doug, K2AD; and Bob, KI2L. We were joined by Dave, KB0BE (G5BQE when he was in the UK).

Left to right, Brian, Bob, Dave, Doug, Zack and Dick. Me behind the camera!

Dick and Doug enjoy a pint and pasta.......
I am going to continue this into a third part as there is still a lot of material to include.
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