Wednesday, 8 May 2013

23cm remote operation

I am pleased to say that the May IARU contest operation, using my version of 'remote', went well. The ERC rotator controller operated flawlessly over LogMeIn. It's not ideal to control the rotator this way and I will eventually move over to direct over the LAN using Ethernet.
In a few odd hours of operating I worked 20 stations with the best DX probably ( to be checked) DL0GTH in JO50 locator.
Two stations got away. In both cases due to problems following-through on 'KST.

Encouraged by the ease of operation on 23cm from the indoor shack, I am now trying to move my EME dish Spid RAS controller application over onto the shack desktop running W7 Pro. This has not proved too easy, but it is being investigated and I hope to have it solved in the next day or two.
With 200W+ on 23cm in the outside shack and a small change to the coax feed arrangement between the outside shack and the dish, I should be back to ( at least) my old 23cm performance. I'm looking forward to getting back onto the moon. On the downside, my 13cm EME feed fell off the top of the high cupboard it was stored on and the original 'pie in the sky' choke ring has been damaged beyond repair. I will be investigating a new choke ring source. I fancy trying a cake tin this time. But a smaller one than I use on 23cm!

I'm off to Dayton, next week, and I'm about ready to go. I will be specially looking for new remote operation products. I will write up my Dayton visit on here, once I get back.

73 de Sam

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