Monday, 29 April 2013

RSGB 1962 VHF Committee cup

I am extremely pleased to mention that I was awarded the RSGB 1962 VHF Committee Cup at the recent RSGB AGM held at the IET in London. The cup was awarded to me for '....preamp design at 70cm and above'. This recognises my work on the VLNA that can be used at 70cm, 23cm, 13cm or 9cm. Many of these preamps have been shipped around the world and for 23cm and 13cm it is currently ( maybe) the most popular EME preamp design.
It would be remiss of me not to mention WD5AGO and W5LUA whose original design I built on and to RW3BP for his work on extra source feedback applied to my original VLNA that helped to improve its performance. Thanks guys!

The list of previous winners includes, but is not limited to:-
G5DT in 1962
G3NUV in 1963
G3RPE in 1966
G4PMK in 1995
G3SEK in 1992
G3FPK in 2000
There are a lot of winner callsigns and names inscribed on the cup.
The trophy has not been awarded every year.

I feel truly honoured to have my callsign and name inscribed with so many notable winners of this great trophy.

Out of interest I may try to research the contributions of some of the previous winners and publish the details on my blog.

73 de Sam

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